Blue 365 is a place for all to contribute and share ideas of PEACE.


When we think about the environment, we associate blue with cleanliness. Blue skies and blue oceans signal to us that our Earth is clean. Clean means that animals and humans have the basic necessity to live with one another.

” BLUE 365 is a place for all to contribute and share ideas of peace. BLUE 365 was created not to start a new religion. It was not intended to produce or distribute power. BLUE 365 was not intended to persuade people to join a religion or organization. It also was not intended to say that one religion is wrong or that we need to get rid of a certain religion or organization. This place is not to say that one religion is better than the other. We do not believe that others are in the wrong for not following us. BLUE 365 is not a place for personal profit or group’s

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people, who come from different cultures and histories, understand each other and live peacefully with one another. We believe creating mutual understanding and recovering harmony is important because we think that this is what’s most needed for human life.

Words of Peace

With Words of Peace, we will try to help create understanding and harmony by using common words of truth that already exist in different religions and culture.